Terminal Information

Admiralty Chart BA 237

Admiralty Pilot NP 49

Time Zone GMT+3 hours.

Position Situated on the east side of Antalya Bay, at Latitude 36° 32′ N and Longitude 32° 00′ E, the harbour is well sheltered by a 250 m high promontory. Lying on routes connecting the ports of Greece, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Cyprus, it is easily accessible to ships sailing in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Port Authority Harbour Master. Tel: +90 242 511 94 98 Fax: +90 242 511 40 66

Terminal Operator Alanya Cruise Port is exclusively operated by ALİDAŞ Co. Inc., under an agreement made with the Turkish government in December 2000 for a period of 30 years. Alanya Cruise Port serves only international cruise ships and fast ferries plying between Kyrenia and Alanya.

Operational Hours Alanya Cruise Port operates continuously, including national and religious holidays.

Pilotage Pilotage is provided by the operator, and is compulsory for all ships 500 GRT and above. ETA should be notified to the Pilot 24 hours in advance, and confirmed not less than 4 hours prior to arrival. The Pilot monitors channels 16 & 12, and boards 1 nautical mile south of the jetty. Ships at anchor may leave without the Pilot.

Tugs 3x30 ton bollard pull tug boat is available.

Anchorage Ships may anchor 3 to 4 cables southeast of the jetty, where depths range from 15 to 20 m. The bottom is sandy.

Tidal Range The range on the spring tide is 40 cm.

Berthing The jetty is 533 m long and 10 m wide. It can accommodate up to 6 cruise ships, and offers easy berthing for tender boats.

Height of Pier 2 m above sea level

Passenger Facilities The terminal includes an air-conditioned passenger lounge, Customs, Immigration, cafe-restaurants, and shop. Free wireless internet is available. The commercial centre of Alanya is only a few minutes' walk from the terminal. Banks and the post office are within 10 minutes' walking distance.

Largest Vessel Ships 300 m in length, with a draft of up to 8,5 m, may easily berth alongside the jetty.

Bunkering Fuel oil is not supplied currently.

Fresh Water Fresh water is available from hydrants, at all berths, at a rate of 40 m³ per hour. Additional supply is also possible by road tankers, at a rate of 25 m³ per hour from each tanker.

Waste Removal Garbage collection trucks go alongside the berthed ships. It is an offence to pollute or litter the sea.

Miscellaneous Services Other services available at ship-side, by prior arrangement with the Ship Agent, include provision and stores supply, fumigation, baggage handling, etc. Folk dances and cultural shows may also be arranged.

Ship Repair Minor repairs can be done. There are no dry dock or slipway facilities.

Cargo / Ferry / Naval Traffic There is no cargo, vehicle ferry or naval traffic in Alanya.

Adverse Weather Conditions In the event of adverse weather conditions, ships may divert to the nearby port of Antalya.

Inconveniences Alanya Cruise Port does not face any congestion, environmental challenges, infrastructure limitations, a vociferous anti-cruise community, or shops that don't open on Sundays.

Hospitals There are 5 hospitals within 3 km of the Port.

Security Comprehensive security is provided by the Police and the terminal security staff.

ISPS Alanya Cruise Port became ISPS compliant in August 2004.

Repatriation Possible.

Airport Antalya International Airport is 125 km from the port of Alanya, 90 minutes drive via a direct motorway. Alanya Gazipasa Airport which opened for international flights in 2011 is 42 km, 30 minutes by road from the port of Alanya.