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3. Alanya Dockyard and Arsenal


Alanya Dockyard and Arsenal were completed after the Red Tower, in about 1228.  The Dockyard was the Seljuks’ Mediterranean naval base.  They are best viewed from ships and boats in the harbour.





  • Alanya and its Dockyard were very important, as Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat I’s Mediterranean naval base.
  • The Sultan became known as "Sultan -ul- bahreyn" (Sultan of the Two Seas), as he also had a dockyard at Sinop on the Black Sea coast.
  • The Arsenal is also known as The Gun House and the Cannon Foundry.  It was built to defend the neighbouring Dockyard against seaborne attacks from the south west.  It was also used for making cannons. 

Geography and Archaeology

  • At the edge of Alanya Harbour, the excellently preserved Dockyard is 56.5 metres long and 44 metres deep overall.  It consists of five galleries, each gallery being 7.7 metres wide and 42.3 metres deep.
  • The Arsenal is a rectangular 3 storey stone tower, made from stone blocks, and stands on a rock 10 metres above sea level.  It is 19 metres tall.
  • A tunnel connected the Arsenal to the main city walls.  

Key Facts

  • Alanya Dockyard was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage Tentative List in 2009.


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