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4. The Red Tower


The Red Tower is an impressive 35 metre high octagonal tower.  It was built, at the beginning of the Seljuk period, to protect the Dockyard.  This most famous building of Alanya is one of the finest examples of medieval military architecture.  Inside the Red Tower, the Alanya Ethonographic Museum features the history and heraldry of the tower and the town.





The Red Tower is the symbol of Alanya, being used on its flag. Construction began at the beginning of the reign of Sultan Alaadddin Keykubat I. The Sultan brought the accomplished architect Ebu Ali Reha from Aleppo, Syria to construct the building, which bears an inscription dated 1226. The name derives from the redish stone used in its construction.   



Standing across the road from Alanya Cruise Port, this impressive 35 metre high octaganol tower is believed to be the oldest part of Alanya’s fortifications outside of the Citadel. It was built to protect the Dockyard. It was so well-built that it stands as one of the finest examples of medieval military architecture. Although it has undergone some restoration, it is the best preserved Seljuk building in Alanya. 


Alanya Ethnographic Museum opened inside the Red Tower in 1979. It displays a history of the tower and the town. It also features heraldry, particularly the Seljuk double headed eagle that adorns the flag of Alanya. 


Key Facts

  • The Red Tower was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage Tentative List in 2009.
  • Admission: a charge is made.

Shorex: ideal as part of a walking tour from Alanya Cruise Port.

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