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23. Mamure Castle


Mamure Castle is a well-preserved 13th century castle. It contains an ancient mosque, with a minaret, which is still open for prayer. 




History and Archaeology


Archaeological evidence shows that the site housed a late Roman city, which was built in the 3rd or 4th century A.D. The Byzantines and the Crusaders subsequently had castles on the site.   

The Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat I captured the castle in 1221, and had it rebuilt in its present form. It has 3 courtyards and 39 towers, and is surrounded by a moat.

The castle is in 2 sections, with 2 lines of ramparts between them. A walkway along the ramparts links the 2 sections.   

In one courtyard there is an ancient mosque with a minaret. It was built by Mehmet Bey of the Karamanogullari clan, in 1300-1308. It is still open for prayer. The ruins of a bathhouse are on the opposite side of the courtyard.


Key Facts

  • Mamure Castle is 130 km from Alanya, on the east side.
  • Admission: a charge is made.

Shorex: Excellent full day archaeological tour when combined with 22.


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