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16. The Taurus Mountains


The Taurus Mountains divide the Turkish Riviera from the Central Anatolian Plateau. With peaks rising more than 2,000 metres above sea level, the limestone landscape offers many opportunities for hiking, mountain climbing and caving. There are many interesting villages, restaurants and picnic places, and various different Jeep Safari tours. 




Geography and Points of Interest

  • The Taurus are formed mainly from folded layers that were once at the bottom of the sea.  As the movement of tectonic plates caused Africa and Europe to come closer together, these were pushed up to form the peaks.
  • The limestone has eroded to form landscapes of waterfalls, underground rivers, and some of the largest caves in Asia.
  • The Saklıkent ski resort is about 190 km from Alanya, and there are plans for a ski resort on the Akdağ mountain, about 40 km from Alanya.  

Key Facts

  • There are many excellent opportunities for exploration.
  • Many agencies organize Jeep Safaris from Alanya, some of which offer an off-road experience and include lunch. 

Shorex: a vast range of opportunities for full and half days.


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