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The town has a resident population of around 100,000 about 15,000 of which are European. Approximately 2,500,000 tourists visited Alanya in 2015; 8% of total tourists incoming to Turkey.



The official language is Turkish. English, at least to beginner level, is spoken by all personnel in touristic establishments. German, Russian and the Scandinavian languages are also widely spoken.



The official currency is the Turkish Lira (TL). Euros are accepted almost everywhere. American dollars are in common use, and some places accept Scandinavian currencies. The commercial centre of Alanya - with the post office, banks and many change offices - is less than 10 minutes’ walk from Alanya Cruise Port.


The vibrant area around the harbour has many bars, cafes, night clubs and Turkish folk bars, and many free cultural events are held there every year. Annual cultural festivals include jazz, sculpture, caricature, documentaries and tourism & arts. Annual sporting events in Alanya include cycle races, a mountain bike competition, a swimming marathon, a triathlon and beach games competitions.


Turkish cuisine, regarded as one of the finest in the world, has Mediterranean, Balkan and Eastern influences. There is a huge choice of places to eat in Alanya, including luxury restaurants, pavement cafes, beach places, and simple traditional Turkish restaurants.


There are all kinds of shops in Alanya, from small specialist retailers to luxury malls. The Bazaar, near the local bus stations, is less than 15 minutes’ walk from Alanya Cruise Port and is open every day. The Bazaar is pedestrianised and partly covered, offering a safe and fascinating environment for browsing. The vast range of goods in the Bazaar includes spices, leather goods, carpets, all kinds of clothing, ceramics, glassware, towels, linen and all types of souvenirs. Street Markets held in the Alanya district every day offer the same type of goods as the Bazaar, along with a huge variety of fruit and vegetables.

Turkish Baths

The Turkish baths (Hamam) of today result from a merging of the Turkish, Roman and Byzantine bathing traditions. The bath culture was an important part of Turkish life. For example, the bride and groom traditionally visited the local bath with their friends, to enjoy its special cleansing ritual. There is a huge choice of baths in and around Alanya, including old traditional baths and luxurious modern bathing centres. In addition to the traditional hamam experience, many baths offer additional facilities such as saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis, swimming pools and even bars. When you are prepared and ready for your treat: the masseur soaps you up and scrubs you down; you just relax on the heated marble slab, and enjoy it. The experience is invigorating, and the exfoliation can help your sun tan.


  • The bazaar can be included in a walking tour, whilst - in the season - any of the Street Markets can be included as stops in tour packages.
  • Turkish baths are ideal either as a short excursion or as part of a package.
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