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22. Anemurium


Anemurium, the ruins of an ancient city dating back to at least 400 B.C., lies by the coast on a breezy cape. Visiting is a must for anyone who is interested in the Roman period. 




History and Archaeology


The remains visible today date from the Roman period. 


The stone walls of the city are still partly intact, and many mosaics can be seen. Around the city walls are many tombs, which even have small entrance halls for visitors. The small theatre (odeon) is largely intact, across from the amphitheatre. The city had an elaborate water supply system, as evidenced by the remains of its aqueducts. There is also an acropolis, containing the ruins of a palace, which had its own private water supply. There are several bath buildings.


Enough is left of the city’s two storey bath house to give a good impression of what it was like in its heyday, with changing rooms, a hot section, a warm section, and a hall with a pool. On the entrance gate, a sign written in Latin says “Welcome to the baths, have a good bath.”  


In the 4th & 5th centuries A.D., around the end of the Roman period, the city was frequently attacked by bandits from the Taurus Mountains. It was badly damaged by an earthquake in 580 A.D., and never really recovered from it. It was finally abandoned after an Arab invasion in 650 A.D. 


The site has been excavated by archaeologists from the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia. 


Key Facts

  • Anemurium lies 120 km from Alanya, on the east side.
  • There is a cafe, picnic area, toilets and ample parking.
  • Admission: a charge is made.

Shorex: Excellent full day archaeological tour when combined with 23.


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