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19. Iotape


Iotape is a Roman city. The ruins include baths, an acropolis, a church, a necropolis and a small harbour.  It provides a beautiful backdrop for swimming in the sea.






Iotape was named in honour of the wife of King Antiochus. The city minted its own coins, between about 38 A.D. and 70 A.D. Sadly, the ancient site was damaged by the cultivation of bananas and was split in two by the main Alanya-Gazipaşa highway.   


Key Facts

  • Iotape lies 40 km east of Alanya, either side of the main road from Alanya to Gazipaşa.
  • Some of the remains are in poor condition, but a number of buildings are identifiable and many interesting inscriptions can be found amongst the stones.
  • Iotape is not suitable for those with walking difficulties.
  • Admission: free of charge.  

Shorex: should be combined with other attractions on the east side of Alanya; combines very well with 20.


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