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5. Alanya Archaeological Museum


Alanya Archaeological Museum includes bronze, marble, ceramics, glass artefacts, mosaics, works of art, traditional belongings, guns, handicrafts, pots, pans and a replica of an old Alanya room. The garden is dotted with interesting items, including a corner dedicated to olive oil production in the Roman period. 




Some of the most significant exhibits in the museum

  • The oldest archaeological find from the Alanya region in the museum is an inscription in the Phoenician language, dating back to 625 B.C. 
  • Prehistoric and antique bronze, marble, ceramics, glass artefacts and mosaics dating back to the Lydian, Phrygian, Roman and Byzantine periods.
  • An epitaph in the Karaman language.
  • A large collection of Archaic (700-500 B.C.) coins.
  • A bronze sculpture of Herakles from 200 B.C., which has become a popular symbol of the museum.
  • Turkish Islamic works of art and traditional belongings, guns, handicrafts, pots and pans from the Alanya area.
  • Ethnographic artefacts from the Seljuk and Ottoman eras.
  • A replica of an old Alanya room.


The garden

  • The garden contains Bronze Age, Urartian, Lydian, Phrygian, Hellenistic and Roman artefacts.   
  • One corner is dedicated to Roman artefacts related to the production of olive oil. 
  • There is a  large variety of plant and animal species.


Key Facts

  • Location: in Damlataş; about 25 minutes’ walk from Alanya Cruise Port and about 10 minutes’ walk from Damlataş Cave.
  • Admission: a charge is made for entry to the exhibition halls.

Shorex: combines well with 1, 3, 4, 6 and all excursions to the west of Alanya. 


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