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Admiralty Chart BA 237 Admiralty Pilot NP 49 Time Zone GMT+3 hours. Position Situated on the east side of Antalya Bay, at Latitude 36° 32′ N and Longitude 32° 00′ E, the harbour is well sheltered by a 250 m high promontory. Lying on routes connecting the ports of Greece, Egypt, Israel, Leba...

3. Alanya Dockyard and Arsenal

  Alanya Dockyard and Arsenal were completed after the Red Tower, in about 1228.  The Dockyard was the Seljuks’ Mediterranean naval base.  They are best viewed from ships and boats in the harbour.               History Alanya and its Dockyard were very important, as Sultan Alaaddin Keyku...

5. Alanya Archaeological Museum

  Alanya Archaeological Museum includes bronze, marble, ceramics, glass artefacts, mosaics, works of art, traditional belongings, guns, handicrafts, pots, pans and a replica of an old Alanya room. The garden is dotted with interesting items, including a corner dedicated to olive oil production i...

12. Side

  Side was an ancient Pamphylian city. It is situated on a small north-south peninsula near to Manavgat. The ruins, amongst the most important in Asia Minor, include gates, temples, baths, a colonnaded street, a nymphaeum and a large theatre.              The present day   Near the town of...

13. Aspendos

  Aspendos was an ancient Pamphylian city. It has the best preserved ancient theatre in the world. With a diameter of 96 metres, the theatre provided seating for 15,000 people. Other Roman ruins stand close to the theatre.             History   Aspendos was an ancient city in Pamphylia. It...
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